Wednesday 27 July 2022

Left at the Bottom of the Garden Kickstarter now live!

 Hi folks,

I'm very happy to say I've launched a new Statuesque Miniatures Kickstarter – Left at the Bottom of the Garden Chapter Three.

This campaign is to fund the production of seven high quality, lead-free metal miniatures, each depicting a cloth creature. Following on from LatBotG Chapters One and Two, our intrepid lost toys have met a new group of toys deep in the forest: a pair of cloth wolves, the boisterous peerie woos and the mysterious twills o' the wisp.

As with my previous Kickstarters, the production moulds are made, tested and ready to spin. With your help I can order the necessary metal, get casting and send a load of wee ghosts off around the world.

The Kickstarter runs until 11pm BST on Thursday the 4th of August.

Please do take a look – all pledges are very much appreciated. These toys are the things I enjoy sculpting the most and it will make me very happy to send them out into the world.