Wednesday 2 September 2020

Left at the Bottom of the Garden Chapter Two Kickstarter now LIVE!

“The old woman fussed and busied about her home. At her feet, three cloth kittens scampered and played as she swept the floor, stoked the fire and straightened the furniture. They were to have visitors. Bundled out of the cottage by the old woman, the kittens darted through the rain and across the clearing to the shelter of the woodshed. A low mournful moan slid through the slatted wood of the shed. The kittens looked at each other, then bolted straight back to the house. Small pebble eyes watched them go.”

I'm very happy to say that my second Kickstarter has now launched, to fund the production of another set of lost toys. Following on from last year's Kickstarter for Olive, Clementine and friends, this year we meet the old woman who lives in the woods, her various cloth cats and the troll that lives in her woodshed. And a toy robin.

It's quite a short campaign this time, ending on the 10th of September, and everything is in place for swift fulfilment.

Please do take a look – I've enjoyed making the Left at the Bottom of the Garden toys more than anything else I've done and I really hope you like them!