Tuesday 1 September 2015

Pulp Leagues up for Pre-Order at 10% off!

Statuesque Miniatures is pleased to announce we are taking Pre-Orders for the new Pulp Alley supplement Pulp Leagues, along with the new Pulp Alley Roster Pack. In addition, I have extended the 10% Off Sale on all Pulp Alley books and cards until the 1st of October 2015!

As well as introducing some new rules, the Pulp Leagues book is also a compilation of all Pulp Alley character types, perks, abilities, and resources previously published in the rulebook and expansions. In addition, Pulp Leagues includes tons of fun optional rules for playing all kinds of pulp genres — including sci-fi, fantasy, old west, horror, swashbuckling and more!

As a Pre-Order Special Offer, the Pulp Leagues book is available for only £11.25, saving 10%.

Character cards are a great way to record your Pulp Alley characters and leagues, making it fast and easy to switch characters from one scenario to the next. Character cards also provide a good location to place counters, injury markers, Reward cards, and so on. Character cards can also be helpful for clearly indicating which characters have activated (turned sideways) and who is currently down (flipped over).

Each Pulp Alley Roster Pack includes 15 blank cards for creating your own Pulp Alley leagues and characters (2x blank Roster cards, 2x blank Leader cards, 2x blank Sidekick cards, 3x blank Ally cards, 3x blank Follower cards, 3x blank Gang cards).

Available now as a Pre-Order, the Pulp Alley Roster Pack is priced at £4.75.

These offers will run until the 1st of October 2015. Please note that any orders containing a pre-order item will not be posted until the 1st of October 2015.