Friday 14 December 2012

Sale Extended and Holiday Postal Schedule

I've decided to extend the sale until the 31st December as it seemed a bit Scrooge-like to end it just before Christmas. As before, use the Discount Code 'LILA2012' to get 10% off all figures!

I've also added some information about the postal schedule over the holiday period. I'll be away over Christmas for a couple of days and obviously the Post Office will be closed for a time, but I'll endeavour to get your orders sent as soon as possible.

Finally, you might have noticed some Page links at the top of the blog. There's a link to the Statuesque Miniatures shop and also a page with some comparison pictures with popular ranges. I'll try to keep this updated as new ranges are released.

Wednesday 12 December 2012

The Mechanics of a Figure Range

Here at my desk, I'm in the early stages of planning and sculpting for a range of opponents for the Resistance Fighters : The Faceless Oppressors. It will be of a similar composition to the Resistance Fighter range, with troop packs and various specialists. What I need to do now is decide how the figures will be constructed, namely how weapons and heads can be swapped to give extra variety. As such, I'd like your feedback on your experience of the Resistance Fighter range. To help you get an idea of what feedback I'd like, I'll give a summary of the considerations and decisions I made when designing the Resistance Fighter range and how this relates to the Faceless Oppressor range.

Head and weapons swap variety in action!
Since releasing my own figures through Statuesque Miniatures, I've become more and more aware of the need for figures to go together easily and to be as few parts as possible. For the Resistance Fighter range, I decided separate heads were a necessary extra part, in order to give more variety when using multiples of the same figure and to allow customers to personalise their force as they saw fit.

The second necessary separate parts were the weapons. The four figures in the Female Resistance Fighter pack all use the same weapon part, with exactly the same hand positions. This meant I could design extra weapons that could be used on any of the four figures, again adding more variety and allowing the customer to tailor their force to specific needs.
An unassembled Resistance Fighter.
I believe the decision to construct the Resistance Fighters this way has paid off, as many customers are purchasing multiple packs, or buying head and weapon sprues to personalise their figures. While some people may not want to feature the same figure twice in their force, for others this is obviously less of an issue and, for me, swapping heads and head positions and using different weapons as appropriate allows a surprising amount of distinction between figures. The choice of paint scheme can also help to add variety.

The Mechanics of a Head

In contrast to many figure ranges that feature separate heads, I decided to have the neck of the figure attached to the body rather than the head. I first used this method on the Fembots I sculpted for Crooked Dice. As a sculptor, this method is far preferable to having the neck attached to the head, especially for female figures, as it allows a much more realistic movement of the head, meaning better posing of the final figure. I can alter the neck position as appropriate for the pose still give the customer plenty of options for the head position.

Obviously there are limits to this; for example if I position the neck too much for a figure looking to their left, it will look odd if the head is positioned looking to the right. However, if I bear this in mind and don't over-do the neck position, it still produces a much nicer pose than the alternative.

Yes, the top of the helmet really is the best place for the sprue join!
There are some drawbacks though. If the neck were attached to the head rather than the body, the base of the neck would provide a handy point to connect to the sprue. By requiring the head to feature a curved socket for joining to the neck, I am limiting the ways I can connect that head to the sprue. The original Female Resistance Fighter pack suffers somewhat in this regard, with the removal of metal from the join area being something of a pain. This is also why the Helmeted Heads attached to the sprue at the top of the helmet, as I thought it easier to file the helmet smooth than to trim the join area. From my experience this has proved to be the case. For the upcoming head sprue with no helmets and hats I'm going to have to put a bit of thought into how I attach the heads to the sprue without obscuring details, but I'm confident they will be an improvement on the Female Resistance Fighter heads.

How to Hold a Gun

Statuesque Miniatures are somewhat finer in proportion and details than some ranges. This means weapons and hands are smaller than those of some 'Heroic'-sized figures. I'm sure I've been cursed a few times by customers whilst they pin skinny arms to bodies, though I think the newer figures in the Statuesque range are  easier to put together than the older ones. And as I said, I always try to minimise the number of parts.

For the Resistance Fighters, aware that each figure would have a separate gun, I wanted the process of putting them together to be as painless as possible. As such, each of the core figures has a plug and socket system for attaching the weapons; the wrists of each hand form the plug and the cuffs of the arms form the socket. I believe this has proved to be a good system as I've not found the need to pin the weapons, though for extra security one pin in the right arm would be fairly simple to do.

Lots of guns, but only one set of hands.
Again it is slightly limiting in that each weapon option has to have the same hand positions and the same weapon stock, but I think the compromise was worth it. Were I to do the Female Resistance Fighter pack again, I would alter some poses, mainly for the position of the mould split and undercuts, but it's not something the affects the final, assembled figure.

One alternative would have been to have the bodies spit at the waist, with weapons attached to the torso. While this would allow more variety for swapping torsos and legs, for female figures in particular it would have severely compromised the poses. The additional cost of producing alternative weapon sprues would also have been significant.

Learning from Experience

So how does all this affect the Faceless Oppressor range? Well, as I said, the range will follow a similar pattern to the Resistance Fighters, though there are some key differences: initially the all figures will be male, they will be uniform in appearance and the majority will be wearing helmets. More standardised equipment in a fire-team means there will likely be fewer basic weapon options needed, too.

Let's start with the heads. Most miniature ranges that feature separate heads use the opposite method from the Resistance Fighters, with the neck attached to the head. So in order to maximise sales, surely it would make sense to use this method for the male Faceless Oppressor range (any female figures in this line would use the same method as the Resistance Fighters)? However, as Statuesque proportions are not 'heroic' it would be unlikely that the heads would be suitable for use on your more 'heroic' soldiers. I would prefer to design the parts first and foremost for my range, rather than anybody else's! My preference as a sculptor is the method I already use as I think it gives better results.

Now for the guns: The First Method is for separate, interchangeable weapons as with the Resistance Fighters. Method Two would feature separate torso and legs with different torso options for different guns. The former will be cheaper for me to produce and therefore can be sold cheaper; the latter will allow more variety in pose by swapping torsos and legs around but will mean I can produce fewer different weapons. I also have my reservations about the effect a waist split would have on posing; the hip to shoulder position is very important! The Third Method would be to only have separate heads and to produce a single figure each for weapons such as grenade launchers, squad automatic weapons and light flame throwers. In this case, it would be less likely I would produce weapon options such as shotguns.

In all three options, specialists such as heavy weapon teams and officers would be stand-alone figures (with separate, interchangeable heads.

So what would be your preference, based on your experience of the Resistance Fighter range? Do you appreciate the extra head and weapon options or are the number of poses too limiting for you to consider more than a small warband? Feel free to leave your comments either here on the blog or on the link I've posted on Facebook. I want to use the experience of the Resistance Fighter range to produce the best range of figures possible, sold at a price that will allow you all to buy lots of them!

For those who prefer the character allowed by having a figure come with it's head attached, don't worry, I still plan to release figures like this independent of the Resistance Fighter and Faceless Oppressor ranges; I've been feeling the need to sculpt some more S.O.E. girls!

And if you've read this far (thanks!), don't forget we're still running a sale! Discount code LILA2012 for 10% off all figures! ;)

Tuesday 11 December 2012

The Statuesque Miniatures Social Media Extravaganza!

Statuesque Miniatures is two years old today! I have a lot of exciting things planned for 2013, our third year - more releases, expanded ranges, new genres and maybe even some male miniatures!

As such, I want to be able to reach as many people as possible to show them all these exciting things as they happen. We already have a Facebook page, the Khorosho Productions blog and a Twitter account but I want MORE followers! So how about a prize draw? Or three?

When the Facebook page, Twitter account and Khorosho Productions blog reach 1000 Likes and 500 Followers respectively, I will hold a prize draw including all the names on each list! Three prize draws with a total prize pot of over £165.

Full details can be seen HERE. So spread the word, come and see what Statuesque Miniatures has to offer and maybe win some goodies!

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Lila of the Resistance Released and a SALE!

Statuesque Miniatures is pleased to announce the release of Lila of the Resistance, sniper and weapons specialist!

Measuring approximately 32mm unposed, Lila joins our growing Resistance Fighter range, all featuring interchangeable heads for more variety. Lila can be armed with either a sniper rifle or an S.O.E.-supplied Experimental Energy Cannon.

Lila of the Resistance is priced at £4.75. Purchase two Lila for £4.50 each ; three or more for £4.25 each.

Also starting now, Statuesque Miniatures is running a Sale with 10% OFF all figures, excluding accessories. Use the code LILA2012 to get your discount! This discount is in addition to the quantity discounts we offer across our range. The sale runs until 16th December 2012.


Andrew Rae

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Statuesque's Super Sci-Fi Secret Agent Deal!

Ding-digga-ding-ding, ding-ding-ding, ding-digga-ding-ding, ding-ding-ding... 

For a limited time only, Statuesque Miniatures' three Secret Agents Havana Gray, Kitzie Rama and Inigo Wilde are available together for only £8.95, a saving of nearly 35% over buying them separately. So if you need some agents to help foil a megalomaniac's plans for world domination, now is the time to recruit them! 

This offer will run until the 31st of October 2012 or until current stock levels have run out. 

Duh-duh, duh-dah-dah-daah, duh-duh, duh-dah-dah-daah, DAH-DAH! DUUUUUH! DAH-DAH! DUUUUUUH!

Wednesday 10 October 2012

Rosa of the Resistance Released

Statuesque Miniatures is pleased to announce the release of Rosa of the Resistance, a hero of the struggle against oppression combining brains, brawn and a very big gun! Measuring approximately 32mm unposed, Rosa joins our growing Resistance Fighter range, all featuring interchangeable heads for more variety.

Also released are more pieces for the Resistance Fighter Accessories range designed to fit the Resistance Fighter figures.

Protect your resistance fighters from deadly gas with the Gasmask Heads

Arm them with some heavier weapons with the Resistance Fighters Weapons 2. Included on the sprue is a grenade launcher, a sniper rifle and a light machine gun. 

The Retro SMG sprue allows for a bit of weird war or pulp action.

Rosa of the Resistance is priced at £4.75. Purchase two Rosas for £4.50 each ; three or more for £4.25 each.

The Gasmask Heads, Weapons 2 and Retro SMG sprues are priced at £1.90 each. Purchase two or three of the same sprue for £1.75 each ; four or more of the same sprue for £1.60 each.


Andrew Rae

Sunday 5 August 2012

Female Resistance Fighters released and a new Online Store

Statuesque Miniatures is pleased to announce the release of our Female Resistance Fighters! These 32mm tall metal figures all feature separate, poseable heads and separate SMG weapons allowing different combinations for more variety.

Also released are the first of a range of Resistance Fighter Accessories designed to fit the Resistance Fighter figures. Protect your resistance fighters with  the Helmeted Heads and arm them for the stuggle with the Resistance Fighters Weapons 1.

The Female Resistance Fighter set is priced at £11. Alternatively, purchase 2 sets for £10 each or purchase 3 or more sets for £9 each.

The Resistance Fighter Accessories are priced at £1.90 each. Purchase 2 or more Helmeted Head sprues and get a 10% discount on those items. Purchase 2 or more Weapons 1 sprues and get a 10% discount on those items.

In time I will add specialist fighters and more head and weapon options, but don't hang around – Recruit your Resistance Fighters today for the struggle against oppression!

I have also just put the finishing touches to the new Online Store. You can reach the store via the link on the homepage, or directly at Eventually, I'll redirect the old address to the new shop. I hope this new store will provide a better shopping experience, as well as allowing me to easily offer quantity discounts and special offers! If you have any issues with the Online Store please contact me.


Andrew Rae

Monday 18 June 2012

Ezmeralda Tyke is released!

Finally, after months in the wild wilderness of a fantastical land, Statuesque Miniatures is proud to announce the release of Ezmeralda Tyke of the Malinquents- a diminutive elf-like creature infamous across the land as the alleged abductor of one Lillie Poots, age seven.

Ezmeralda is available in metal for £4.75 and in very limited numbers in resin for £5.75. She measures approximately 20mm tall as posed.

Visit the Statuesque Miniatures Online Shop now to pick up your own Ezmeralda.


Andrew Rae

Friday 3 February 2012

Lillie's Shoes (red, buckled, very worn, no good for puddles)

Old Gow turned to Lillie suddenly: “How old are you, child?”

“Seven and a quarter”answered Lillie.

“But you were seven and a quarter last year” said the wizard, stroking his long white moustache.

“Well I haven't had a birthday, have I!” exclaimed Lillie, folding her arms grumpily. “Or a birthday party.”

“No. No you haven't” said Old Gow, seemingly distracted. “Very odd”. He stroked his moustache again. “Do your shoes still fit?”

“Yes” said Lillie, scuffing at the ground with the soles of her rather worn shoes.

Old Gow gave Lillie a long stare. “Very odd indeed.” And with that he wandered off to inspect a weed growing at the side of the road.

Exerpt from 'Lillie Poots' New Shoes and Other Tales', Anon.

(Nearly finished the small girl; I got distracted by the wonders of the 21st century. It's so shiney!)

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Fairies' Tails

“So you see,” said the mother to her young son, “if you don't go to sleep when I tell you, the Malinquents will come and steal you away, just like they did that girl Lillie Poots. ”

Ezmeralda Tyke slumped down under the window through which she had been watching the mother put her child to bed.

“But we didn't steal her!” she sighed.

“We did steal her.” mumbled Hogart. The big oaf was sitting toying with a beetle that had crawled up his boot. “We stealed her 'cos Malink told us to, for that Leech Lady.”

“Well yeah, we did. But then we saved her - saved her from whatever the Leech Lady was going to do to her!”

Suddenly a small ragged girl skittered round the corner of the cottage, skidding to a halt in front of them.

“Are you coming?” she gasped, grinning widely. “We got the cellar door open and Kittlewick found the biggest cheese!”

Hogart lumbered to his feet and ran off excitedly with the girl.

“Brat!” hissed Ezmeralda.

Excerpt from 'The Tales of Lillie Poots', Anon.

(Currently sculpting a small girl.)

Thursday 19 January 2012

Ezmeralda Tyke of the Malinquents

Ezmeralda Tyke is a diminutive, elf-like creature, infamous across the land for the alleged abduction of one Lillie Poots, age seven and a quarter.

So here is the first of my fantasy offerings. As you can see she measures approximately 20mm to the top of her head as posed, so she's a pretty small elf. If indeed she is an elf. I deliberately didn't make her too pretty, as I wanted something slightly unsettling about her face, though I still think she's a little cutie. Don't tell her that to her face!

I'm planning a four figure adventuring party, along with Lillie Poots herself. It might take a while for Ezmeralda to go on sale in metal as I'd like to release the Malinquents as a set, though she'll likely be available in resin before that.

Keep an eye on the Statuesque Miniatures website or the Facebook page for the upcoming figures!

Fairy Tales

“And that is how, having spirited away little Lillie at the bidding of the Leech Lady, the Malinquents did defy their leader and swear to protect the girl from all evils. In her wrath Malink the Ostrich Knight slew her former followers, save the four brave heroes of our tale who, along with the child, escaped through luck and cunning.”

Excerpt from 'Lillie Poots and the Malinquents', Anon.

(first Malinquent nearly complete- photos soon)

Saturday 14 January 2012

Entering a fantasy world...

Well, Christmas and New Year (as well as a 'significant number' birthday) have been and gone and while it wasn't the most productive of festive periods, I do feel refreshed and have been really enjoying sculpting lately. I'm quite excited about some figures that are a bit different from the current Statuesque Miniatures line up.

For a while, I've had the urge to sculpt some fantasy figures but until now I hadn't been able to pin down quite what angle I was going to take. The sci-fi figures I do are fairly generic, though hopefully with a little twist or a nice pose to keep things interesting, and I find it easy to come up with ideas for that kind of figure. I guess I could do a similar thing for fantasy, making generic figures (most probably female and sexy...) in various styles of fantasy outfit, but to be honest I'm not really sufficiently interested in or knowledgeable of fantasy/historical armour and clothing to pull that off. Tre Manor of Red Box Games is for me the master of this type of figure and has created a brilliant range of figures. He's clearly know his stuff when it comes to the fantasy genre and I know I don't have the knowledge to do something similar. Plus, why would I try to compete when he's created such a comprehensive range?

No, I need to find my own way in the fantasy world. Part of my ugre to create some fantasy characters is a desire to sculpt some weirder and more unusual figures; scary monsters and gribbly creatures that are a world away from my sci-fi girls. Jody Siegel's amazing Imbrian Arts goblins and Dave King's rather joyful Bederken figures have captured my attention, as well as various  'old school' Citadel Miniatures blogs that showcase the charms of the often eccentric but always characterful nature of many older figures. I've also been pouring over artwork from the likes of John Bauer and Brian Froud, surely sources inspiration for many of the figures I've been admiring.

One thing that has been impressed on me is the story telling aspect of much of what I've mentioned above. While I do indeed have an elaborate, overarching story behind my sci-fi range (though it's all a bit shoehorned in...) it's not really necessary for me to convey that. Sexy girls with guns will be popular regardless of what history I have invented for them!

For my fantasy range, I really want a story to hang everything on from the beginning and I've had fun trying to create what is essentially a fairytale told through miniatures and various vague and cryptic passages of text. Through this, I hope the rather disparate range of figures I have planned will work together as a whole and allow the customer to invest some imagination in them beyond what the figure immediately portrays. The theme I have chosen to work around is the classic 'girl lost in a fantasy land' à la Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Labyrinth and much more. So, sure it's not original but there nothing wrong with an archetype!

Apologies for the lack of pretty picture but hopefully I'll have something to share soon. In the meantime, here's the first piece of the story puzzle:

Malinquent /mə'lɪŋkwənt/ (n.)
1. A malingering delinquent.
2. (The) Malinquents: A band of rogues formerly led by Malink the Ostrich Knight.