Sunday 18 December 2011

A Big List of Everything

So I decided I wanted to try and list everything I'd sculpted, or rather every completed figure I've done. There have been some that got started and never finished but not that many really. I got a bit carried away linking to pictures of each figure and then to where they're available as appropriate. Some have been blanked out as they haven't seen the light of day yet.

1.Pixie with a Pistol
3.Halfling Wench
4.Halfling Pirate
5.Halfling Thief
6.Halfling Cook
7.Halfling Swashbuckler
9.Agatha Fox (Reaper Miniatures)
11.Astrid Berger (Reaper Miniatures)
12.Reporter (Frothers Sculpting Competition)
13.Camera Man (Frothers Sculpting Competition)
15.Dryad (Otherworld Miniatures)
16.Nymph (Otherworld Miniatures)
17.Sylph (Otherworld Miniatures)
18.Harem Girl 1 (Harwoods Hobbies)
19.Harem Girl 2 (Harwoods Hobbies)
20.B*******n 1
21.B*******n 2
22.B*******n 3
23.Technician Female (Antenociti's Workshop)
24.Technician Male (Antenociti's Workshop)
25.Leprechaun (Otherworld Miniatures)
26.Brownie (Otherworld Miniatures)
27.Sprite (Otherworld Miniatures)
28.Pixie (Otherworld Miniatures)
29.Havana Gray (Statuesque Miniatures)
30.Mei-Lin Mayfair (Statuesque Miniatures)
31.Kitzie Rama (Statuesque Miniatures)
32.Biker Girl 1 (Antenociti's Workshop)
33.Biker Girl 2 (Antenociti's Workshop)
34.Daisy Tailor (Crooked Dice)
35.Bella the Partisan (Statuesque Miniatures)
36.Gunfighter Witch (Lead Adventure Miniatures)
37.Cook Witch (Lead Adventure Miniatures)
38.Baba Yaga (Lead Adventure Miniatures)
39.Militant Witch (Lead Adventure Miniatures)
40.Sniper Witch (Lead Adventure Miniatures)
41.May Killan (Crooked Dice)
42.Charlie's Angel
43.Six (Private)
44.Timothy Whopping (Frothers Sculpting Competition)
45.Inigo Wilde (Statuesque Miniatures)
46.Pandora King (Crooked Dice)
47.N**** A****
48.H***** A****
49.M** I* B****
50.Jim Barrowight (Crooked Dice)
51.Fembot 1 (Crooked Dice)
52.Fembot 2 (Crooked Dice)
54.D**** G***
55.Eight (Private)
56.Emilia 'Foxy' Foxwell (Statuesque Miniatures)
57.Grumpy Old Man (Private)
58.Travers (Crooked Dice)
59.Lady Wintermore (Crooked Dice)
60.Poppy Come-Lately (Statuesque Miniatures)
61.Tilly Tumbleworth (Statuesque Miniatures)

I think that's it- everything I've done since I first started sculpting in May 2007. 16 males and 46 females.

Saturday 10 December 2011

Tilly Tumbleworth

Yeah, I think we'd had a couple when we came up with that name...

Anyway, this is the original sculpture of Tilly Tumbleworth, Kill-Team member and next release from Statuesque Miniatures.

The final product will have small detail changes, namely a strap of pouches around her left arm and a peg on her foot instead of a base tab. She measures 30mm tall and would be 32mm tall unposed.

A very limited number of resin casts of Tilly and (finally) Poppy will go on sale on Monday, with the full metal release to follow. Both are with the mould maker and caster and are also being painted.

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Poppy Come-Lately


Here's another girl for Foxy's band of dangerous upper-class killers!

Poppy Come-Lately, S.O.E. Kill-Team Sniper

She's sculpted, as usual, from Fimo and Milliput. Unposed she'd stand 33mm tall. I designed her to be cast in 2 parts but I'm pleased that I managed to keep the figure quite '3D'; lots of diverging line to add interest.

Hope you like her. She'll be available from Statuesque Miniatures soon!

Andrew Rae

Saturday 3 September 2011

Emilia 'Foxy' Foxwell Available NOW!


Emilia Foxwell, S.O.E. Kill-Team Leader and all round foxy lady is available now from the Statuesque Miniatures Store, priced at £5.50.

Below are photos of the studio paint job by Angel Giraldez.


Andrew Rae

Monday 27 June 2011

Emilia 'Foxy' Foxwell


I've finally got this figure finished after she's been sitting on my shelf for months.

Emilia 'Foxy' Foxwell, S.O.E. Kill-Team Leader

She's sculpted from Fimo and Milliput and unposed would measure about 33mm tall.  It took a while, due to that nature of the pose and simply being able to reach certain parts but I'm really happy with how she turned out. I really tried to push myself with this one and create something dynamic and interesting, whilst still being relatively simple for the customer to assemble. It will hopefully be a 3 part figure (body, left arm, base piece) so there won't be any pinning of spindly arms required!

She'll be available from Statuesque Miniatures soon!

Tuesday 15 February 2011