Saturday 25 July 2009

Secrets, Spies and Saboteurs

Agatha Fox- Secret Agent

Lila- Resistance Fighter

Astrid Berger- Special Agent

I'm very fond of these figures, each features some of my favourite things- girls, spies, long boots and coats, with hotpants thrown in for good measure! Each figure is about 26-28mm to eye level.

Agatha and Astrid are now available from Reaper Miniatures, while Lila will one day be reborn in another body...

Early Work- Heresy Miniatures Heretic's Ball

This figure was sculpted for Heresy Miniatures Heretic's Ball sculpting competitions. I'm very happy to say she was one of the winners and is available now from under the name of Jessica Rae.

Early Work- Halflings

After my first two sculpts, I decided to work on some halflings in order to concentrate on clothing and detail and to not get bogged down with human anatomy and proportions. This little wench was the first result of that and was sold to a small company in Australia. The rest of the little guys then followed her there and should all be available soon. If you can't wait, head over to and hunt down the member 'Lupus', who should be able to sort you out. ;)

Each of these little guys is between 15 and 18mm tall.

Early Work- 2007 Frothers Competition

My first figures! The Selkie and the Pixie with a Pistol were done for the 2007 Frothers Unite sculpting competition. The theme was 'the Unseelie Suspects'. I was rather chuffed that the Pixie made joint 3rd in her category. The Pixie was sold and may eventually be produced, but the Selkie was unceremoniously torn apart in order to make changes that were never completed.