Friday 3 February 2012

Lillie's Shoes (red, buckled, very worn, no good for puddles)

Old Gow turned to Lillie suddenly: “How old are you, child?”

“Seven and a quarter”answered Lillie.

“But you were seven and a quarter last year” said the wizard, stroking his long white moustache.

“Well I haven't had a birthday, have I!” exclaimed Lillie, folding her arms grumpily. “Or a birthday party.”

“No. No you haven't” said Old Gow, seemingly distracted. “Very odd”. He stroked his moustache again. “Do your shoes still fit?”

“Yes” said Lillie, scuffing at the ground with the soles of her rather worn shoes.

Old Gow gave Lillie a long stare. “Very odd indeed.” And with that he wandered off to inspect a weed growing at the side of the road.

Exerpt from 'Lillie Poots' New Shoes and Other Tales', Anon.

(Nearly finished the small girl; I got distracted by the wonders of the 21st century. It's so shiney!)