Wednesday 18 December 2013

New Resistance Veteran Heads and Sprues on sale plus special offers!

Statuesque Miniatures is pleased to announce the release of the a couple more accessory sprues for the Resistance Fighter range.

The Veteran Heads sprue can be used to give more individuality and character to your Resistance Fighter force. As with all the head sprues, these heads can be used on any figure in the Reistance Fighter range and a fully poseable.

The Resistance Fighter Veteran Head sprue is priced at £1.90. Purchase 2-3 sprues for £1.75 each or 4 or more sprues for only £1.60 each!

The Weapons 3 sprue allows the Resistance Fighters access to the latest S.O.E. weapon technology. Featuring three Combi-Rifles with integrated grenade launchers and a deadly flame thrower, this sprue is designed for use with the Resistance Fighters, Resistance Cell Officer and Resistance Recon sets. For greater conversion potential, these weapons have the stocks attached. Simply snip off the stock to use the guns with the Resistance Fighter figures.

The Resistance Fighter Weapons 3 sprue is priced at £2. Puchase 2-3 sprues for £1.85 each or 4 or more sprues for only £1.70 each!

For a limited time only you can get BOTH these sprues FREE when you purchase the Resistance Cell set, saving over 15% on the combined price! This offer will run until January 5th or while stocks last.

Not only that, you can also purchase 5 sets of Beret Heads or 5 sets of Officer Weapons for only £5,  with even more savings for purchasing multiple sets! Again this offer runs until 5th of January or while stocks last.

Finally, Ezmeralda Tyke have come over all Christmasy (she is an elf after all) and can be purchased at a price of only £3! Get her while you can as she is being discontinued once stocks run out.

Friday 13 December 2013

Wizard Adventurer Preview

Here's the Wizard 3D print for my questing warband!

I've already shown the renders for this figure and I think you can see how good the quality of the prints are by comparing these images with the renders. I've also made a couple of minor changes for the cloak since my original blog post.

It's always interesting to see how details that look quite chunky and over-simplified become really nice, crisp detail on the print. That's why I'd prefer not to show renders in preference to photos of prints or castings. Digital sculpting for miniatures in this respect isn't as intuitive as hand sculpting. The sculptor always has too remember the final size of the print and I have to say I see a lot of renders of 3D sculpts that I know are simply not suitable for miniatures manufacture due to excessive, tiny details.

Would anyone be interested in alternative parts for these figures? I'm thinking I could sculpt 'leveled up' parts- the wizard could get a new head and staff, the barbarian a new sword and perhaps a shield in his other hand, the elf a new bow and the dwarf a new axe and shield. Each part could represent a special item found on a quest or an advancement of the character.

p.s. I don't know why Blogger insists on lightening the images!

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Barbarian Adventurer Preview

RAR! Here's the barbarian for my group of fantasy adventurers. This is the 3D print and it will be going off for moulding shortly. The other characters are printed too. I'll get some photos of the wizard taken soon, though the dwarf and elf will have to wait as I can't assemble the prints due to parts being on sprues. These figures will be going on sale after the Pulp Alley and Statuesque Asylum figures, so hopefully around February. He's a big bugger; unashamedly 'heroic scale' and around 33mm tall.

Thursday 5 December 2013

Lillie Poots, aged seven and a quarter

Here are some photos of a figure that I hope to have on sale in the new year. This is the 3D print and she will be going away for moulding tomorrow, along with some other Statuesque figures and the Pulp Alley duo.

Lillie Poots is the heroine of my forthcoming pulp horror range Statuesque Asylum...

She's very small - around 21mm tall. I'm really pleased with how she turned out. I originally started her in Fimo almost two years ago for my old fantasy range, though I'm glad I redid her digitally as she's turned out much better. She's been transplanted from a fantasy world to a pulp horror setting. The Malinquents will also return, though this time as patients at Statuesque Asylum...

She's my favourite figure I've sculpted and I think one of my best!