Monday 23 April 2018

New Heroic Scale Female Heads NARROW - Veterans on sale and restocks at 10% off!

Statuesque Miniatures is pleased to announce the release of Heroic Scale Female Heads NARROW – Veterans, along with restocked items at 10% off!

The Heroic Scale Female Heads NARROW - Veterans set is designed for you to convert your heroic scale miniatures with a variety of characterful details.

Whereas the SMA301-307 Heroic Scale range is great for converting heavily armoured space knights or troopers in fatigues and body armour, the Heroic Scale Female Heads NARROW - Veterans set is designed specifically for converting heroic scale female figures, or more slight heroic scale figures in general.

SMA354 Heroic Scale Female Heads NARROW - Veterans is available as a New Release Special Offer for only £4.25, saving over 10%.

Don't forget to check out the comparison photos here on the blog for various test conversion using all sizes of Statuesque Female Heads.

Due to an unfortunate combination of the flu, snow in March and the caster being very busy in the run up to the Salute convention, various items have been unavailable for some time. These items are now back in stock and available again at 10% off for the next couple of weeks.

The full list of items at 10% off are: SMA301 Heroic Scale Female Heads; SMA306 Heroic Scale Female Heads – Bionic; SMA351 Heroic Scale Female Heads NARROW; SMA201 Pulp Scale Female Heads; SMA202 Pulp Scale Female Heads 2; SM013 Commissar Vespera Venko; PA001 Phantom Ace and Pulp Girl; PAW001 Pulp Alley Weapons 1.

Some items are still out of stock as they sold out after I placed this restock order, but should be available again in a few weeks.

These offers will run until Sunday 6th of May, or while stocks last.