Comparison Photos

***This thread on the Statuesque Miniatures Facebook page shows lots of great conversions by customers using the three (now four!) Statuesque Miniatures female heads sizes.***

L-R: Statuesque Fine Scale, Statuesque Pulp Scale, Statuesque Heroic Scale.
Since this photo was taken Heroic Scale NARROW has been added to the range. See below.

L-R: Statuesque Heroic Scale, Games Workshop Sternguard, Heroic Scale, GW Cadian, Heroic Scale, GW Tempestus Scion, Heroic Scale NARROW, GW Sister of Silence, Heroic Scale NARROW, Heroic Scale NARROW

L-R: Statuesque Resistance Cracking Hairdo, Statuesque Fine-Scale, Statuesque Resistance Berets

Heroic Scale Female Heads from all five sets on Games Workshop plastic figures.

Heroic Scale Female Heads NARROW used on Games Workshop plastic figures.

Fine Scale Female Heads on (L-R) Red Box Games, Infinity and Hasslefree Miniatures figures.

Pulp Scale Female Heads on (L-R) Heresy Miniatures, Statuesque/Pulp Alley, Hasslefree Miniatures and Copplestone Castings figures.

Fine Scale Female Heads (three on left) and Pulp Scale Female Heads (three on right) on Perry Miniatures plastic Foot Knights.

Pulp Scale Female Heads on Frostgrave plastic Soldiers.

Pulp Scale Female Heads on Frostgrave plastic Cultists.

L-R: Statuesque Sci-fi, Statuesque Sci-fi, Statuesque Pulp, Statuesque Pulp, Statuesque Fantasy, Statuesque Fantasy

L-R: Games Workshop, Statuesque Starport, Northstar Rogue Stars, Starport, GW, Starport, GW, Statuesque Pulp, Copplestone

L-R: Hasslefree, Statuesque, Infinity,Statuesque, Studio McVey

L-R: Infinity, Statuesque, Mantic, Statuesque, Games Workshop

L-R: Mantic, Statuesque, Games Workshop, Statuesque, Dust Tactics, Statuesque

L-R: Studio McVey, Statuesque, Infinity, Statuesque, Hasslefree, Statuesque

L-R: Statuesque Sci-fi, Crooked Dice, Statuesque Asylum Pulp, Copplestone, Pulp Alley, Copplestone, Pulp Alley, Copplestone, Statuesque Asylum Pulp, Hasslefree

L-R: Crooked Dice, Copplestone, Pulp Alley, Copplestone, Pulp Alley, Copplestone, Pulp Alley, Hasslefree, Pulp Alley

L-R: Games Workshop Battle for Skull Pass Dwarf, GW Imperial Dwarf, Statuesque, GW Warhammer Quest Dwarf, GW Dwarf Elder

L-R: Game Workshop Wood Elf, Milton Bradley Heroquest Elf, Statuesque Elf, GW Island of Blood High Elf, GW Warhammer Quest Elf

L-R: Games Workshop Warhammer Quest Wizard, GW Empire Trooper, Statuesque Wizard, Statuesque Barbarian, GW Empire General, GW Warhammer Quest Barbarian

Other manufacturers' figures used for comparison purposes only.


  1. do you have any female heads in spacemarine size? i want to do a chapter of lady marines

    1. From what I've seen customers use, you'll be wanting the Heroic Scale Female Heads.

  2. just curious if you would know what size would best fit the female arcadians from Victoria miniatures?

    1. I'm afraid I don't have any Victoria figures to say. I have seen the Heroic heads on those figure and they perhaps looked a bit over-sized for the bodies (the heads are designed for larger plastics after all) and I'm not sure if the Pulp Scale heads would be too small. Sorry I can't be or more help.

  3. can you do a comparison between your fine heads next to Prodos AvP marines please? Pref the ones with the helmets. Ta

    1. I'm afraid I do not have any Prodos figures, though I have seen conversions using both the Pulp and Fine scale heads on AvP marine bodies.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to make this! The scale comparisons are extremely helpful!