Monday, 11 August 2014

Expanding the Resistance Fighter range

Hi folks,

Over the weekend I returned to work on the Resistance Fighter range for the first time in a long time. I've got no specific plans at the moment, rather I've been reworking the basic dolly that forms the basis for each figure. Don't worry, I won't be changing the scale or proportions of the range; I'm just tidying things up as well as making an easier model to pose and alter.

The range currently consists of 13 unique models plus lots of different head and weapon options that are interchangeable between the figures. More variety is always a good thing though I'd also like any new figures to serve an particular purpose or theme while still working with the rest of the range as a whole. For example, the Resistance Recon Team has a defined role and adds flavour but matches the regular Resistance Fighters nicely.

For the new figures, I'm considering not using the interchangeable weapons, neither those that fit the Resistance Fighters nor the Officer Weapons. This would allow me more freedom for poses and design. As such, I feel some kind of specialist unit would be appropriate. Of course, these figures would still use various heads from the Resistance Fighter Accessories range and alternative weapons could be added, just following a different format.

Oh, I do have one concrete idea: I'd like to update Bella the Partisan, one of the first figures released from Statuesque Miniatures and the inspiration behind the Resistance.

So what would you like to see added to the range? Comment below and let me know!

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  1. looks like my original comment was deleted so I will repeat: First let me say I am excited that you are going to be expanding the range, I never ended up selling my collection and am pretty happy that I didn't. Stuff that I would like to see: 1.some more racially diverse heads. 2. more body types. 3. maybe a heavier set woman with a heavier machine gun? 4. some more hero/leader types more individualistic then the cell leaders but not quite as militaristic as Vespera 5. redoing Bella is a good idea. 6. Some spec ops types - thinking ribbed SAS commando sweater turtleneck with a knit cap type stuff. 7. tanker/pilots - dismounted pilots for walkers - see dust tactics. 8. Lillie Poots all grown up as a commander. 9 some adventurer type like you have done for the pulp range only in the proper scale. 10. civilian dress espionage types. 11. lower tech ratty looking fighers. that's all.