Monday, 12 August 2013

The Nameless Elf

I've just finished work on the Elf for my warband. Again, like his comrade Lowri Lowrisson, I didn't want to reinvent the genre but to sculpt exactly what I wanted in an adventuring elf. He's currently nameless as I've yet to come up with an Elf name I like, but now that I've written it, I kind of like the sound of 'The Nameless Elf'...

For me, an important part of this project is that I don't want the clothing or equipment to appear 'over-designed'. I want simple, classic design done well, not extravagant, over-the-top, 'concept art' style figures. Nothing wrong with those but that's not what I'm after with these figures. Hopefully the pose, character and sculpted forms of the figure will be the focus, rather than a zany new concept.

This figure wasn't as straight forward to work on as Lowri; the need to avoid too extreme undercuts and keep the figure as few parts as possible meant there was some thought required on how too achieve this. Midway through the process I also found myself becoming too involved in fine detail and design. I had to remind myself of the aims of the project and keep it simple and bold. In the end though, I'm happy with the figure and how he ties in with the style of Lowri the dwarf. An elf perhaps doesn't allow the same freedom to exaggerate and caricature as a dwarf but I think I've hit the right balance. I need to get pictures of them together but the file sizes are currently massive and my computer grinds to a halt when I try to combine the two figures on one canvas.

Work is well underway on the Wizard, which I've really been enjoying sculpting. Hopefully I'll have pictures to show soon. I've also made some minor changes to Lowri, mainly to allow the shield to be a separate part. You can find the photos on the Statuesque Miniatures Facebook page.

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  1. How about "Areneth Avar" ?;-)