Thursday, 31 July 2014

Birsi Bearsson, Dwarf Berserker Released!

Statuesque Miniatures is pleased to announce the release of a new Statuesque Fantasy Adventurer – Birsi Bearsson. A dwarf berserker of fearsome reputation, Birsi claims he was raised by a she-bear alongside her cubs. Few would dare question his account, even those who grew up with him.

Birsi Bearsson is available in two versions. First up we have Birsi armed with his favoured twin axes.

Next we have an older, more experienced Birsi armed with a finely-wrought great axe and magical ring. Down which dark dungeon did he find those fine weapons?

Each version is available at a special release price of only £4.25, saving over 10%.

Alternatively, you can purchase both versions together in the Birsi Rising Special Offer for only £8, saving over 15% over the regular, separate purchase price.

Finally, why not pick up our other fantasy dwarf Lowri Lowrisson along with Birsi in the Dangerous Dwarves Deal? You can chose either version of Birsi alongside Lowri, or go for both versions for a three figure pack.

The Dangerous Dwarves Deal is priced at £8.25 to £12.25, again offering a saving over buying the items separately.

All these offers will run until the 14th of August or while stocks last so don't delay and grab yourself some dangerous dwarves!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Statuesque Miniatures and Pulp Alley are pleased to announce we are taking Pre-Orders for our next Pulp figures: Captain Wolf and Minerva. Another pair of brave pulp heroes, these characters join Phantom Ace and Pulp Girl in the expanding Pulp Alley miniatures range.

Captain Wolf and Minerva are available for a Pre-Order price of only £6 for the pair, saving 20%!

Not only that, you can purchase all four Pulp Alley miniatures - Phantom Ace, Pulp Girl, Captain Wolf and Minerva for a Special Offer price of only £12, again saving 20% over the regular price!

Each figure is also available with a unique Pulp Alley character card for use in your Pulp Alley games.

These figures are available from both Statuesque Miniatures in Europe and Pulp Alley in the USA.

Please note that any order containing a pre-order item will not be posted until that item is in stock, expected mid- to late July. These offers will run until 25th July 2014.