Friday, 25 February 2011

The camera never lies?

Ha, don't bet on it!

Here's a figures I finished recently for Crooked Dice Games, Group Captain Jim:
Now, I'm actually really happy with this figure, but it was a total pain in the ass to photograph. Various elements of the design and posing have conspired to make his legs look a bit short in the photos. I honestly believe it looks fine in person, as do Graeme and Karl of Crooked Dice. I think I managed to get quite a dynamic pose for a single piece casting so it's a bit annoying that he looks kind of odd in the photos. Even with multiple angles, you don't get read a figure the same from a photo as you would seeing it in reality.

Anyway, I'm always going to sculpt what looks good in person, rather than stick to something that will photograph well. So there.

Oh yeah, this was my fiftieth figure I mentioned a few posts back!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Monday, 7 February 2011

Attack of the Killer Sexbots!

Finished these girls for Crooked Dice over the weekend. Karl and Graeme of CD asked for a curvier, chunkier style for these figures, which I complimented with more simple detailing than usual. They were good fun, especially the roboface, but I feel the need to sculpt something tall, slender and leggy now!

As you can see, the heads were made separate to allow the customer to swap them between the figures. They measure about 28mm to the eyes.

By the way, these aren't the 50th figure I posted about previously. That figure is still hush, hush...

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Frothers' Charity Thingy final chance!

From the ebay listing:

Cast by the talented and incredibly generous guys at
This is a one off set of three Master Castings produced in
Funky Purple Resin

Original Sculpts by
Andrew Rae (Statuesque Miniatures)
Kevin White (Hasslefree Miniatures)
Seb Archer (Guild of Harmony)

Sold in aid of the MS Society via the

All the other castings are spoken for so this is the last chance to get these figure. And you'd be doing a bit for charity too. And they're purple! Nearly £6000 raised so far!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Hawaii Five-Oh

I just completed my fiftieth figure. Does that count as a milestone? Not sure, it perhaps just highlights how unproductive I have been.

I think I first attempted to sculpt a full figure around May 2007. Before that I'd mainly used Green Stuff to make furry Russian hats- don't ask. After a couple of dodgy attempts I completed my first figure towards the end of 2007, the Pistol Pixie for the Frothers Sculpting Competition. There have been a handful of uncompleted figures along the way, but really not that many considering my ever changing artistic whimsy.

My first commission, for Otherworld Miniatures, represented my fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth completed figures. This was perhaps too early to take on paid work, but I'd like to think the challenge pushed me and broadened my range. That being said, only fourteen of the fifty have been male figures and only six have been human males; it would seem I have a niche. All figures, bar two, have either been sold or put into some form of production which sounds nicely profitable for me; believe me, my bank balance says otherwise!

So, yeah, fifty figures in coming up to 4 years... better start working a bit harder!

p.s. Photos of no.50 soon, hopefully.