Saturday, 10 December 2011

Tilly Tumbleworth

Yeah, I think we'd had a couple when we came up with that name...

Anyway, this is the original sculpture of Tilly Tumbleworth, Kill-Team member and next release from Statuesque Miniatures.

The final product will have small detail changes, namely a strap of pouches around her left arm and a peg on her foot instead of a base tab. She measures 30mm tall and would be 32mm tall unposed.

A very limited number of resin casts of Tilly and (finally) Poppy will go on sale on Monday, with the full metal release to follow. Both are with the mould maker and caster and are also being painted.


  1. Excellent sculpts!
    You sculp so cute female minis.. two totally unsolicited suggestions, if gratuitous: on TMP I posted messages (taking initial inspiration from the comics 'Le Scorpion' and mentioning previous threads about the SYW female soldiers of Eureka) suggesting design(s) for 18th C. 'adventuresses / female heroes'; actually more for a 18th C. 'winsome warrior' re. last post 06 Dec 2011 1:31 p.m. PST).

    Gaming '18th C. Fantasy / Horror / Pulp / Swashbuckling' is gaining popularity, re. the the positive reception on TMP and the Lead Adventures forum to Carnevale.
    Hence my 2nd suggestion at the end of the thread, for a Carnevale-compatible mini: players are exchanging feverishly about possible proxy minis.

    The 1st suggestion is public for months, totally free of any 'intellectual property', ¢, ®, ™ &c… : any sculptor wishing to try his (her?) hand at it would be most welcome, specially if finding a manufacturer to commercialize the work! 
[Yes, the suggestion is 'gratuitous' in both senses :) ]

    Best wishes,


  2. Cracking! Looking forward to having her in my hot little hands(: