Sunday, 18 December 2011

A Big List of Everything

So I decided I wanted to try and list everything I'd sculpted, or rather every completed figure I've done. There have been some that got started and never finished but not that many really. I got a bit carried away linking to pictures of each figure and then to where they're available as appropriate. Some have been blanked out as they haven't seen the light of day yet.

1.Pixie with a Pistol
3.Halfling Wench
4.Halfling Pirate
5.Halfling Thief
6.Halfling Cook
7.Halfling Swashbuckler
9.Agatha Fox (Reaper Miniatures)
11.Astrid Berger (Reaper Miniatures)
12.Reporter (Frothers Sculpting Competition)
13.Camera Man (Frothers Sculpting Competition)
15.Dryad (Otherworld Miniatures)
16.Nymph (Otherworld Miniatures)
17.Sylph (Otherworld Miniatures)
18.Harem Girl 1 (Harwoods Hobbies)
19.Harem Girl 2 (Harwoods Hobbies)
20.B*******n 1
21.B*******n 2
22.B*******n 3
23.Technician Female (Antenociti's Workshop)
24.Technician Male (Antenociti's Workshop)
25.Leprechaun (Otherworld Miniatures)
26.Brownie (Otherworld Miniatures)
27.Sprite (Otherworld Miniatures)
28.Pixie (Otherworld Miniatures)
29.Havana Gray (Statuesque Miniatures)
30.Mei-Lin Mayfair (Statuesque Miniatures)
31.Kitzie Rama (Statuesque Miniatures)
32.Biker Girl 1 (Antenociti's Workshop)
33.Biker Girl 2 (Antenociti's Workshop)
34.Daisy Tailor (Crooked Dice)
35.Bella the Partisan (Statuesque Miniatures)
36.Gunfighter Witch (Lead Adventure Miniatures)
37.Cook Witch (Lead Adventure Miniatures)
38.Baba Yaga (Lead Adventure Miniatures)
39.Militant Witch (Lead Adventure Miniatures)
40.Sniper Witch (Lead Adventure Miniatures)
41.May Killan (Crooked Dice)
42.Charlie's Angel
43.Six (Private)
44.Timothy Whopping (Frothers Sculpting Competition)
45.Inigo Wilde (Statuesque Miniatures)
46.Pandora King (Crooked Dice)
47.N**** A****
48.H***** A****
49.M** I* B****
50.Jim Barrowight (Crooked Dice)
51.Fembot 1 (Crooked Dice)
52.Fembot 2 (Crooked Dice)
54.D**** G***
55.Eight (Private)
56.Emilia 'Foxy' Foxwell (Statuesque Miniatures)
57.Grumpy Old Man (Private)
58.Travers (Crooked Dice)
59.Lady Wintermore (Crooked Dice)
60.Poppy Come-Lately (Statuesque Miniatures)
61.Tilly Tumbleworth (Statuesque Miniatures)

I think that's it- everything I've done since I first started sculpting in May 2007. 16 males and 46 females. In future I might try and broaden my scope a bit; I've got a hankering to sculpt some gribbly monsters and the like, but I do enjoy sculpting a nice female figure!

Favourites of the lot? Agatha Fox, May Killan (she'll always be Amy to me) and Poppy Come-Lately. :)

I'll try and keep this updated as I go along. Back to work!


  1. Given how well you sculpt feminine figurines, two totally unsolicited, if gratuitous [ :) ] suggestions: on TMP, following a thread inspired from (taking initial inspiration from the comics 'Le Scorpion') I posted messages suggesting design(s) for 28mm 18th C. 'adventuresses / female heroes'/ Pirette; actually more for a 28mm 18th C. 'winsome warrior' re. last post 06 Dec 2011 1:31 p.m. PST) [initial description, intended for a whole gaming unit and thus to be amended, a single mini being more 'likely': there].
    Miniatures of sexy pirate girls are always a success, and gaming '18th C. Fantasy / Horror / Pulp / Swashbuckling' is gaining popularity, re. the the positive reception to Carnevale on TMP and the Lead Adventures forum to .
    Hence my 2nd suggestion almost at the end of the thread, for a Carnevale-compatible mini: players are exchanging feverishly about possible proxy minis: to combine the Hellequin of the video game ' 'Assassin's Creed 2 with this Elfette with tricorne (but with normal ears!).
    (Remember: gaming figurines are not intended to be individually scrutinized under a magnifying glass, but to be seen from some distance: essential features are to be *emphasized*    :)

    These suggestions are public for months, totally free of any 'intellectual property', ¢, ®, ™ &c… : any sculptor wishing to try as 'free lance' his hand at such would be most welcome, specially if finding a manufacturer to commercialize the work! 
[Yes, the suggestion is 'gratuitous' in both senses :) ]

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Jean-Louis. Some nice ideas there but I'm afraid I really have to concentrate on expanding the existing Statuesque ranges at the moment.

  3. Awesome list ! That's great to see all these, and to see how you have gained skills !

  4. Thanks. :) It's interesting for me to look back at this list and see how I've progressed. I feel most of my best work is done for myself, and that's when I make the most improvement as a sculptor. I think this is because I can spend a looong time working on these figures, but I also tend to be happiest doing what I really want to do (right then, at that particular time!). I'm looking forward to 2012 as it will be almost exclusively devoted to my ideas and Statuesque Miniatures!

  5. Ah, seeing the list compiled reminds me: will we see the Honourable Tim Whopping for sale again somewhere?

    All in all, stunning work (although if I must choose, Statuesque and Antenocitis come out ahead, so I'm none too concerned about you concentrating on your own venture)!

  6. Thanks Adrian! I've not quite decided what to do with Timothy. With him being a somewhat unusual gentleman, I'm not sure of the mass market appeal of such a figure! He may get a limited release in resin (with some tweaks) or he may find a way in to a new range from Statuesque; I've been wanting to sculpt some weirder figures so he might fit with those.

  7. Hey Andrew!! not seen you on WAMP for a while!!
    Love this list!! and seeing you did the crooked dice girls is quite funny coz thems their best minis didnt know you did them was such a cool surprise!! keep the list growning mate its all good stuff!!