Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Hawaii Five-Oh

I just completed my fiftieth figure. Does that count as a milestone? Not sure, it perhaps just highlights how unproductive I have been.

I think I first attempted to sculpt a full figure around May 2007. Before that I'd mainly used Green Stuff to make furry Russian hats- don't ask. After a couple of dodgy attempts I completed my first figure towards the end of 2007, the Pistol Pixie for the Frothers Sculpting Competition. There have been a handful of uncompleted figures along the way, but really not that many considering my ever changing artistic whimsy.

My first commission, for Otherworld Miniatures, represented my fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth completed figures. This was perhaps too early to take on paid work, but I'd like to think the challenge pushed me and broadened my range. That being said, only fourteen of the fifty have been male figures and only six have been human males; it would seem I have a niche. All figures, bar two, have either been sold or put into some form of production which sounds nicely profitable for me; believe me, my bank balance says otherwise!

So, yeah, fifty figures in coming up to 4 years... better start working a bit harder!

p.s. Photos of no.50 soon, hopefully.

1 comment:

  1. What a tease! Where are the pictures of #50? ;)

    Seriously, 50 figures is a great mark at any time, and 50 in four years is not bad at all. Looking forward to seeing your next 50.