Saturday, 23 October 2010

Lady in Red

Hello, just finished this one. She's for a private client and will not be for sale. She measures29mm to the eyes. I've fixed her right buttock since taking these photos; it's now much more peachy.

In other news, the definitive masters for the launch figures of Statuesque Miniatures went back to the mouldmakers yesterday, so hopefully it shouldn't take too long to get the production moulds made. Apologies for the delay to anyone who's been waiting for them, but I wanted to get everything spot on before I released the figures.

The initial release will be of four figures- Havana Gray, Kitzie Rama, Mei-Lin Mayfair and Bella the Partisan. Each one gives a flavour of the different directions in which I want to take the line. Though there will be some gents too...


  1. My God Andrew your stuff is sooooo good. Wish that was going to be sold :(

  2. that is a shame you are not going to sell that- she is lovely!

  3. Wow! What a wonderful piece. Too few good looking civilians around. This is definitely a master piece. Sad to here that she'll never be commercial available. Way to good to just end up in someone's private collection.