Thursday, 29 April 2010

What the hell have I been doing?!

A question I ask myself quite a lot really. Productivity at low due to general life chaos. But last week I got stuck in to sculpting in order to try out polymer clay. And things came together rather quickly really! :) Tried a bit of Fimo but this figure is actually done in Cernit after Tre Manor raved about it on Frothers. Bit of a bugger to photograph due to the dark clay, the slight translucency and its tendecy to attract dust. The gun looks a bit of a mess as I really should have sculpted it in epoxy putty so had to tidy things up with milliput, but it'll look fine in metal anyway.

Oh, and this is a sneak preview of one of the release figures for my secret project!

Mei-Lin Mayfair, Hong Kong Security Agent:

30.5mm to her eyes, 33mm tall.


  1. Love your figures and I am lucky enough to have your runner/camera crew and the Reaper figures. This one is a must too. Though I’d love to see it with a sniper rifle it just reminds me so much of O Ren Ishii in the animated section of Kill Bill I hope that’s what you were going for because you hit the nail on the head. Great looking figure

  2. Very nice looking figure Andrew, you seem to have got the knack of Cernit quickly! I'll have to see if I can get hold of some from somewhere, although it seems to be a bugger to get hold of. Where did you order yours from?

  3. Cheers guys.
    Couldn't possibly reveal all my influences, Bandit, but yeah she'd look pretty good in red, wouldn't she! ;) Glad you like the Reaper figures- Agatha is still one of my favourite figures that I've sculpted. Were her legs straight on your copy though? Haven't seen her in the metal myself and the picture on the Reaper site is rather bent. Humph.
    Ian, I got the Cernit here: Quick service too. I'm really loving sculpting in polymer. Can't say that enough!

  4. Agatha looks good to me legs seem just as you sculpted them. The one on the Reaper site looks as though someone twisted her legs in another direction? Oh well the finish product looks good. Keep up the good work.