Wednesday, 29 July 2009

"I like horse riding, reading books and doing my bit for charity"...

Over on Frothers, members Dagenhameast and Artemis Black recently ran several auctions to raise money for the Cancer Research UK Race For Life charity. This figure, which will be limited to 100 copies, was done as a gift for those who either donated something for the auction or sponsored the girls running the race. Lots of money raised so far I believe- Good work all!


  1. Anyway you can get one in the states?

  2. If you get over to Frothers quick sharp there might be some left for the Frothers members who sponsor the girls... The link for sponsorship is in the thread about this figure.

  3. Just got my casting of this through this morning, lovely work Andrew.

    You're sickeningly talented and we'll be sidling up to you in the near future to commission some sculpts :)